Healthy Nutrition


Beyond the Hype

Because MannaLife International adhere's to our high MannaFresh standard of quality and value, the nutritional foods and supplements we offer are unmatched in the raw whole foods and supplement market – distinct in their freshness, purity, nutrient density and their overall nutritional composition. From the first time your body experiences them – you will feel the amazing difference. 

MannaLife will only partner with leading nutrition experts, organic raw food formulators, and whole food product nutrition companies to provide only the best whole food and nutrient-rich products.  If we share them on our site - you can be assured they are the best available!

MannaFresh foods are a far cry from the quick "energy" or hyped-up nutritional supplements that have become a dangerous staple of our modern age.  Those products do NOT provide your body with healthy nutrition or energy.  Most are designed to give a temporary jolt that is unnatural and unhealthy.  While promising high nutritional value, many of these products deliver synthetic ingredients or processed foods that are unrecognized by the body or have been stripped of their freshness and nutritional value.

The MannaFresh Foods Difference

The Freshness of Nature

Preservatives are the bane of healthy living.  Because of preservatives, we see a wide range of produce in our groceries - whether it’s in or out of season. 

But don’t be fooled

Those preservatives mean we can pick up “fresh” produce at our store that is actually weeks old.  Aging results in lost nutritional value, which means even if you’re feeding your family what you though was “fresh” foods – you may not be getting the fresh nutrients you expect and need.

Our PREMIUM line offers a proprietary and unique process in how our nutritional powder line is created.  The proprietary drying process produces nutritional powders that retain their natural qualities so well, when reconstituted in water they are virtually identical to fresh produce with virtually no degradation of color, flavor, aroma, enzymes, and nutrition.

The Full Nutrition of Nature

Other products use freeze drying or high heat processing to create their supplements. Those processes destroy much of the very nutrition you are hoping to consume from your supplements.  

Our products adhere to the MannaFresh™ standard so they maintain both the freshness and the nutrition of nature.

You will FEEL the Difference

We know the power of PhytoLive Dehydration™ and our MannaFresh™ standard. Every one of our Family has improved their health, vitality and mental function thanks to MannaFresh Foods.  When consuming our whole food raw juice powder supplements - just add water and enjoy the delecious and health benefits.  Here's to your health - anytime, anyplace.  Great tasting, high value nutrition - from our family to yours.

We know when you try our Foods, you’ll feel the difference too.