What are MannaFresh™ Foods?

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MannaLife International has coined the phrase MannaFresh™ to accompany all of its whole food nutritional supplements. MannaLife International offers whole food concentrate supplements that are literally for everyday use in everyday life.

MannaLife International’s MannaFresh™ Foods include (but not limited to):

hr_PremFeast-300GM_3dPremium Feast™ Complete Food Supplement – the most nutrient rich supplement available today. And it’s organic! Premium Feast™ is an excellent source of nature’s most beneficial, complete phytonutrient nutrition, providing maximum bioavailability of 1000’s of phytonutrients, natural occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber.


Premium Greens – an excellent source of nature’s most beneficial organic chlorophyll, providing maximum bioavailability and benefits from essential,
balanced, and 100% naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, glycosylisovitexin and thousands of phytonutrients.

Premium Veggie Protein – provides a complete balanced amino acid profile. This power packed plant-based protein uses a proprietary formula that can help you get the results you desire for your body.

MannaLife International guarantees that its MannaFresh™ products are the freshest available (often times even fresher than what you find in the grocery isle). How is that possible? We partner with companies who take the majority of their ingredients directly from the farm to the production facility within hours of harvesting. This ensures that the nutrient density of each ingredients is at its highest and protects those valuable bioelements that our body’s need to function optimally.

MannaLife International’s MannaFresh™ foods are dedicated to delivering easy, convenient ways for you and your family to eat proper, whole food nutrition.

No mess. No stress. Just MannaFresh™.  (Yeah we know it’s corny but you’ll remember it!)


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