MannaLife International

We're Focused on Family

We're here to support your family’s nutritional needs in today’s fast-paced, stress-filled world.

The fact is, with the processed nutrient deficient foods (that are manufactured to be highly addictive) dominating our daily diets, the vast majority of people simply do not eat right. Studies are showing that our bodies are just not getting the nutrition we need to function properly and it's impacting our health and the health of our kids - badly. That's why MannaLife International is committed to keeping families healthy.

Try our MannaFresh™ standard supplements and products. You can actually feel the difference in your body in a few days - feel the HEALTH, VITALITY, and ENERGY MannaLife products offer.

Our Mission is to Support Healthy Lifestyles!

We use a relationship marketing model to help us share the health success our products. After all... who better to share about MannaFresh foods than people who have experienced the products - and love the benefits they feel every day.

We’re a Family business. Our attitude is VERY different. We will never stress you with high pressure sales and recruiting tactics – that’s not our style. You get to choose when and how you join our Family.

MannaFresh Foods Rock! Our products are overflowing with the power of fresh, organic produce. MannaFresh products are so powerful they sell themselves. Try them for a week to feel the difference. A difference you'll want to share.

We know it's pure. Most of our ingredients are raised by our Farm Family. Any other ingredients are put through our strict qualification process. We make sure they use organic processes and procedures to deliver the highest quality, pure, fresh and totally natural ingredients.

Read our Manna Family Values, try our MannaFresh Foods. You’ll see and experience the MannaLife difference.